Via Hansa & Borealis is the leading regional tour operator, destination management company and hospitality service provider in Northern Europe and beyond. The company was founded in 2018 through a merger between two of the most successful and experienced inbound companies in the region.

Via Hansa & Borealis has a very strong presence with offices throughout the region. We have full-service offices in: Copenhagen, Stockholm, Rovaniemi, Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Warsaw and Kiev.

Via Hansa & Borealis has a number of specialized companies, such as Via Hansa & Borealis DMC&PCO, providing services for meetings, incentives, conferences and events. We are working on location in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Poland and Ukraine.   

Via Hansa & Borealis has developed a number of other hospitality companies and brands such as THE WORLD OF BOREALIS (EL MUNDO BOREALIS) and BALTICVISION, the largest providers of high-quality guaranteed escorted tours and breaks in the region; Unique Hotels, offering trendy and stylish first-class accommodation in Estonia; Vihula Manor, the first full-service manor resort in the Baltic countries, and much more.


In recent decades, the centuries-old Northern European trading links have been revitalized and the countries have been ever more deeply integrated into the big family of European nations.

We are aware of our responsibility in this process and we are committed to history and mobility, to culture and diversity, to nature and sustainability, to social progress and responsibility and to globalization and digitalization.

We are also committed to giving all our customers the best that our destinations have to offer with comprehensive and sophisticated products, with professionalism and integrity and with innovation and creativity.

In medieval times, a word between two Northern European tradesmen was a firm accord. Today, we are still trading in the finest of these old traditions.

We are the modern Northern European tradespeople, who have added a touch of contemporary professionalism and innovation to longstanding traditions.


We believe that communication with our customers is essential to develop both their business and our business. We pay considerable attention to efficient communication with our customers in the broadest sense.

Some of the communication advantages we can offer are:

Centrally located offices in the capital cities of the region, easily accessible and welcoming for you and your guests. We have 24-hour emergency service at all offices and all operational personnel have mobile phones answering around the clock. is business-to-business travel service portal for Northern Europe, modern and comprehensive, interactive and dynamic, with detailed information updated daily about our destinations and products, and plenty of useful links to other databases and sources. This is an indispensable tool for any tour operator or incentive house dealing with the region.

Online booking systems at the customers’ area on our web portals allow you to book hotels, packages and other services directly from your own computer.

USB and apps with our most important product manuals – easy to use and entirely suited to destination and product presentations.

Photo banks, with thousands of images of hotels, cities, landscapes, people, activities and much more. The images have high resolution of 300 DPI or more and we have copyrights on all images. We are happy to provide you with various destination images for your catalogues and sales promotions, you can download the images conveniently from our web portals ’customers’ area, or we can send them to you.

Videos – a comprehensive collection of high-quality videos and presentations introducing our destinations. The videos have been produced by national tourist boards for promoting the destinations, and you can find them on our web portals under the relevant destinations or on our YouTube channel.

Personalized email addresses for all employees built in the same structure:

e-News – regular newsletters distributed via email with valuable news about our destinations and products, keeping you up-to-date with all the main developments at the destinations and regular sales offers to support your sales.

But even more important than any new technology is how we understand communication. We believe that it is always vital to try to identify mutual interests and to create mutually beneficial solutions.