The Republic of Estonia will celebrate its 100th anniversary on February 24, 2018. The centenary program began in April 2017 and will continue through to February 2020 to mark all of the most important milestones in the emergence of Estonia’s statehood. Centenary will be celebrated with a diverse programme of events throughout the country. The Estonia 100 events calendar on the Estonia 100 website is updated constantly with information on all that will take place during the jubilee period.


The highlight of the celebration year is the Great Summer Week in August, starting with the huge sing-along event “Laulu Võim” (“The Power of Song”) on August 19th. In addition to the concert at the Song Festival grounds, singing events will take place across Estonia and all over the world. During the Great Summer Week (18 August until 25 August), the Police and Border Guard Orchestra will travel around Estonia with well-known and beloved singers, and give free outdoor concerts “Mööda piiri” (“Along the Border”). The Great Summer Week will end on the Night of Ancient Lights with a concert featuring the Estonian National Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Tõnu Kaljuste, at Kakumäe Harbour and on Naissaar island, and the Night of Ancient Bonfires, when thousands of bonfires are lit on the Baltic Sea coast.

Estonians are proud of their unique Song and Dance festival tradition and the Singing Revolution that has gained back the independence in 1991, so the Estonian centennial celebration year includes also many choir festivals and large choir concerts, such as Baltic Student Song Festival Gaudeamus in Tartu 22.-24.06.18 during the Midsummer Night special period and the international Festival Europa Cantat in Tallinn 27.07-05.08.18.

During all year and every day, there will be centennial birthday parties all around in Estonia in villages, towns and regions Party in Every village. The guests of Estonia are most warmly welcomed to join these free parties during their visit to Estonia – just need to find a suitable party during the dates of the visit.

One of the highlight of the 100th birthday year would be also the visit to the new great museum and history discovery centre, the Estonian History Museum’s Maarjamäe Palace that is going through an extensive renovation and will be opened on Republics birthday, on February 24th. The Palace is a former summer residence of the aristocracy on the seaside in Tallinn and will contain a comprehensive interactive exhibition about Estonia.

More information about the Centennial Estonia you can find on the official website www.ev100.ee




Breathtaking Hanseatic charm in the medieval capital of Estonia and many events of the centennial anniversary celebration will make your visit to an unforgettable adventure. Don’t miss the Tallinn’s famous Gothic Town Hall and the lively Town Hall square, the heart of the Old City with outdoor cafés, shops and never-ending activity. Wandering on the original medieval street network, discover hidden courtyards, churches, Hanseatic period guild and citizen’s houses. That’s all just some of the attractions of Tallinn!