Centennial Lithuania 2018

The 16th February is the most significant date in Lithuania’s history. In 1918, an independent democratically-run modern civic state was established, together with the restoration of the statehood tradition cherished in the ancient Lithuania (1253-1795). The building of the modern Lithuanian state in 1918 was based on the principles of the equality of all, as well as the freedom and prosperity, and this is why all the people of the country, having chosen to be free, for the first time in the history of Lithuania became the creators of their state, and later on, during the years of the occupation – the guardians of its tradition.


There will be two main events in the centennial celebration program in 2018. On February 16th 2018 the Republic of Lithuania celebrates 100 years since its Declaration of Independence. The celebration promises to be the biggest one ever seen. Since February 16th 2017 till same date in 2018 every day at 19:18 the Trumpeter of Independence is performing Lithuania’s second national anthem – “Lietuva brangi” ("My Dear Lithuania") from the window of the Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania. This daily musical ceremony reminds everybody of the forthcoming milestone anniversary.

The second main event will be the 2018 Song Festival dedicated to the centenary anniversary of the restoration of the independent state of Lithuania. It will take place from 30th of July till 6th of August 2018. It might be difficult to imagine what a choir of 20 000 sounds like or what the ornaments traced by 9 000 dancers in a single stadium look like. The whole country with its variety of villages, towns, dialects, old songs, dances, arts, foods and other traditions will fit inside the territory of a city park – all that and more you can see in the Song Festival 2018!

Information about the centennial celebration of Lithuania you can find on the official website www.lietuva.lt/100




Lithuania invites to celebrate the centennial anniversary and explore the diversity of the capital city Vilnius! Not many cities can show such an enormous architectural diversity with many churches and towers, fortifications, secluded medieval courtyards and narrow curved streets. Vilnius is a city with a rich history, it is a place where Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and Classical styles stand side by side and complement each other. Don't miss the symbols of Vilnius - the Gediminas Castle, the Gothic masterpiece of Saint Ann's church, the old Vilnius University, the gem of Baroque - the St. Peter and Paul's Church and the classical St. Stanislav's Cathedral.