Welcome to discover the new Tallinn!

We  start  the  tour  at  the  historical Rotermanni  Quarter between  the  Old  Town  and  port,  a  lively  urban environment of old  industrial buildings that have acquired utterly modern  architecture and new functions as art galleries, boutiques, restaurants. The  tour continues  via Old Town  Yacht  Harbour to  the Harbour Market,  offering  fresh  local  eco-produce  and  handicrafts both  indoors  and  outdoors. 

Next  stop  is  the Cultural Mile, a seaside walkway through the new city areas recently opened again, passing by several culture  sites  like  the  Contemporary  Museum  of  Art, Estonian  Design  House,  Culture  Power  Plant  and leading to the spectacular Seaplane Harbour.
Here we first take a walk on the docks where the old ships from steam ice breakers to military ships are displayed and admire the enchanting  seaside views to the medieval old town and the modern Tallinn, followed by visit to the newest and most impressive museum in  Estonia,  located  at  the  unique Seaplane  Hangars,  built  in  1917  as  part  of  Peter  The  Great’s  Naval Fortress. The Seaplane Harbour Museum is a treasure chest of marine history of the Baltic Sea that hides incredible  stories  from  above,  below  and  on  the  water . Even  the  original  historical  Lembit submarine built in 1937 by the British Vickers–Armstrongs shipyard  can  be  discovered  inside  and  outside.  The  whole  exciting  exhibition  is  interactive  and  gives  everybody chance to participate in the maritime life.

Duration 3,5 hours

“The New Tallinn” tour is a perfect follow-up excursion after the half-day tour of the medieval Old Town.

The  tour  can  be  combined  with  2-hour  sea  trip  on  board  an  historical  wooden  schooner  „Kajsamoor“, departing and arriving at Old Town Harbour: either before the excursion, as lunch cruise or after the tour as light dinner cruise.

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