Tallinn Maritime Festival invites to the seaside

Tallinn Maritime Festival invites to the seaside

The traditional Tallinn Maritime Festival takes place July 12 -14 in three of Tallinn's city centre ports: Old City Harbour (Passenger port), Seaplane Harbour and Noblessner Harbour - full of concerts, markets, cruises on various boats from small yachts to mighty sailing ships and even a real sea battle!

The Passenger port is home to the main stage of the festival along with a jazz music area. Noblessner port offers more intimate events. Both Noblessner and Old City Marina the Old City Harbour welcome seafarers on yachts or sail boats. Northern Europe's newest, most modern and exciting marine museum, the Seaplane Harbour, gives an excellent overview of Estonia's rich maritime history.  
The Highlight of the Maritime Days is the visit of mighty sailing ship Krusenstern and the real Sea Battle on Tallinn Bay, with 6 historical sailing ships. The programme also offers already traditional sailing trips between Passenger port and Seaplane Harbour, diverse cultural programme and various activities for the smaller visitors.

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