Via Hansa Vilnius is proud to announce that is currently working on the project “Increasing the export of the Limited Liability Company Via Hansa Vilnius”. This project is funded by Economic Growth Action Programme together with Cohesion Fund and the Republic of Lithuania state’s budget in accordance to the Article (EB) no.1828/2006, paragraph 8, part 4. In total the project is worth EUR 30694 of which 60 percent - EUR 18416 is funded by EU.

During the time of the project, we will take part and represent ourselves in 3 well known international business exhibitions in 3 different countries. They are as follows: BTEXPO 2014 in Brussels on 10th-11th of December 2014, MATKA 2015 in Helsinki on 14th-18th of January 2015 and TUR2015 in Gothenburg on 19th–22nd March 2015. In all exhibitions mentioned above the company will take part for the first time. The international expo shows and markets were chosen very carefully and with intense to expand company’s share in Finland, Scandinavia, Benelux and German speaking markets as well as priorities markets for inbound tourism in Lithuania selected by the State Department of Tourism Under the Ministry of Economy. We hope in these international exhibitions not only “Via Hansa Vilnius” will gain the benefits, but as well our company will have significant impact for implementation of the national tourism strategy, which would be double success.

“Via Hansa Vilnius” can’t wait to meet you all in person in Brussels, Helsinki and Gothenburg. See you there!