Guaranteed Escorted Tours & Tailor-Made Adventures
Welcome to our guaranteed escorted tours in the Baltic countries, Poland and Finland. Our tours combine three things which are important for modern travelers: affordable prices, first class service and plenty of individual choices. Our summer programs include our most popular traditional tours through the region. They are supplemented by niche programs and small group departures. Our autumn and winter programs are featuring traditional Christmas markets in the capitals, sparkling New Year celebrations, winter adventures and city break programs during the autumn and winter months.
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One of the key features of our tours is their focus on nature and cultural immersion. We offer a range of tours that allow the guest to enjoy the beautiful unspoiled nature of the region and take the guests to some of the most fascinating and historically significant sites in the region, including old towns, ancient churches, medieval castles, and UNESCO World Heritage sites. Along the way, guests have the opportunity to learn about the local customs and traditions of the countries, meet the local people, as well as sample the delicious cuisine.

Another aspect of tours that sets them apart is their commitment to sustainability and responsible tourism. We work closely with local communities and businesses to ensure that the tours have a positive impact on the environment and the people who live in the region. We partner with eco-friendly hotels and restaurants that prioritize sustainability and support local farmers and artisans who produce traditional handicrafts and foods.

In addition to our pre-designed tours,  we also offer customizable itineraries and packages that allow guests to tailor their travel experience to their specific interests and preferences. Whether guests are interested in art, history, nature, food, or something else we can create a tour that meets the needs and exceeds the expectations.