Cruise Handling

The cruise industry has made the Baltic Sea and the Norwegian coastline major destinations, with hundreds of ships, numerous ports, and millions of visitors affecting the region. However, with the growing emphasis on sustainable tourism, there is a need to transform the Baltic Sea into the most eco-friendly cruise destination globally while still attracting cruise guests.
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Cruise Handling


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We recognize the importance of promoting sustainable practices in cruise handling. To achieve this goal, we have designed unique and authentic experiences that prioritize smaller groups and the use of local authorized guides with university degrees. By partnering with local coach companies and securing the local community, we strive to create meaningful experiences that benefit both visitors and the destination.

Our approach includes enhancing walking tours, public transportation and immersive experiences like cooking classes, home & farm visits to help visitors engage with the local community and learn about traditional practices and customs.

Scandinavia and the Baltic countries remain fantastic destinations for cruise travellers looking for a mix of natural beauty, cultural experiences, and history. By promoting responsible tourism and protecting the local communities and environment, we can help preserve the destination’s cultural heritage while ensuring that our guests have an authentic and memorable experience.