In the northern reaches of Europe lies a unique opportunity for travellers: the chance to explore two distinct capitals in one journey. Helsinki, the vibrant capital of Finland, and Tallinn, the charming gem of Estonia, are separated by just 80 kilometres of water, making them easily accessible to each other via a scenic two-hour sea voyage. Connecting these two capitals is a fleet of modern vessels departing and arriving at super-modern passenger terminals.

Departing from Helsinki’s West Harbor, travelers are treated to stunning views of the archipelago. The voyage passes quickly, with onboard amenities ranging from cozy restaurants serving Nordic delicacies to duty-free shops offering a variety of goods and a choice of comfortable and luxurious lounges.

As the vessel approaches Tallinn’s D-Terminal, passengers are greeted by the sight of medieval towers and red-roofed buildings rising up from the shoreline. Travelers should allow ample time to delve deeper into the cultural riches of both capitals. Whether it’s exploring Helsinki’s vibrant arts scene or delving into Tallinn’s medieval past, indulging in the pleasures of Nordic cuisine restaurants, each city and their picturesque surroundings offer a wealth of attractions to satisfy even the most discerning travelers. Via Hansa & Borealis has vast experience in combined Helsinki-Tallinn adventures, so please contact our sales office for your next tale of two capitals.

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