As spring blossoms across Europe, travellers are eagerly planning their summer escapes. Recent data indicates that by the end of March, just shy of half of European travellers had pinned down their destinations for the upcoming summer vacation. For those who have not yet decided where to go, there is still plenty of time to embrace a unique trend that, according to top travel experts like Conde Nast, is taking Europe by storm – “coolcation”.

Due to climate change, more and more travelers are choosing destinations in Europe with a more temperate climate. The Nordic countries – Iceland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, and Finland – have gained significant popularity in recent years, and they are increasingly being joined by the Baltic countries – Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. Spend your “coolcation” summer holidays in the Nordic & Baltic countries. Our destinations are safe, our products are sustainable, our summers are mild and warm, and our nights are cool and bright.

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