Via Hansa & Borealis recently arranged a gourmet tour for members of the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs in Germany to Tallinn and Helsinki. The guests were offered a program with cultural and fine dining experiences. In Tallinn, the guests dined at two Michelin-starred restaurants, NOA and 180 Degrees, and were welcomed warmly by the star chefs of the restaurants. In Finland, the guests dined at two Chaîne des Rôtisseurs restaurants, Restaurant Kappeli in Helsinki and the Romanov-Room at Haikko Manor outside Helsinki.

The program also included more casual dining experiences such as lunches at Vihula Manor in Estonia and at the Old Market Hall in Helsinki. The guests were amazed not only by the quality and creativity of Nordic cuisine but also by the fast-developing Nordic capitals and how easy it is to combine the two cities. The two-hour sea voyage over the Finnish gulf on state-of-the-art vessels offering stunning views of the city centers, the archipelagos, and the gulf itself is an unforgettable experience. For your own cultural and gastronomic experiences in Tallinn and Helsinki, please contact:

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