While 2023 saw a strong recovery in the MICE segment in the Nordic countries, we are this season also seeing a significantly increased interest from MICE customers for our Baltic destinations, especially from Scandinavian, German, the UK and Benelux markets. There are very stable and convenient flight connections from all these countries to the Baltic capitals. New comfortable and luxurious 4- and 5-star hotels are still entering the destinations, the capitals can boast a number of new exiting venues and conference facilities, the restaurant scene has improved immensely over the last years as Estonia and Latvia have already joined Michelin, and Lithuania is preparing to join from this autumn. The cities also have been evolving a lot over the last years with new city developments and exciting neighbourhoods. The destinations have a lot to offer and also provide the best value in North Europe for MICE. For inquiries, please contact: for Estonia – kylli.karing@viahansaborealis.com, for Latvia – anete.rublane@viahansaborealis.com and for Lithuania – ieva.zykiene@viahansaborealis.com

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