Headed by Senior Sales & Project Manager, Arnar Mar Arnthorsson, a team from Via Hansa & Borealis recently embarked on an unforgettable journey to the captivating Faroe Islands in collaboration with our local suppliers. The archipelago, located in the North Atlantic Ocean and steeped in mystique and wonder, welcomed our adventurers with open arms, unveiling a tapestry of experiences that would forever leave an indelible mark. They wandered through the charming streets of Thorshavn, absorbing the island's unique atmosphere. As the sun dipped below the horizon, they experienced a local culinary masterpiece—the "shoulder of a lamb." Another memorable stop was Vágar Island, where they braved the elements to witness the breathtaking "Lake Above the Ocean" at Trælanípa. Kalsoy beckoned, with a vintage schooner journey to Syðradalur and Mikladalur, revealing the legend of Kópakonan. Trollanes and Kunoy's charms left an enduring impression, and a thrilling RIB boat tour to Hestur Island took the travelers through hidden caves, creating unforgettable memories. They all departed with a newfound appreciation for this remote paradise, vowing to return someday. In a world where travel has become increasingly commercialized and uniform, the Faroe Islands stand out as an immersive destination that promises to engage all your senses. Its genuine authenticity, awe-inspiring natural beauty, and deep-rooted culture make it a place where travelers can truly connect with the world around them. Via Hansa & Borealis encourages trips to the Faroe Islands for discerned travelers looking for something out of the ordinary. For inquiries about the Faroe Islands, please contact:

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