e-News 11/2015      


Having hosted major events related to the Latvian Presidency of the Council of the EU, the new National Library of Latvia, also known as the Castle of Light, is now fully available to the public. The architectural idea for the structure initially appeared 20 years ago and has finally become one of the widely recognised harbingers of the new age in architecture, designed by internationally renowned Latvian architect Gunnar Birkerts. The Castle of Light is both a striking architectural symbol for Latvia and a multifunctional structure that meets the needs of a modern information-based society. Under a glass roof, the Castle of Light and its infrastructure serve as a platform for various activities and as a place of unique creative synergies. The multifunctional facility houses over 1000 reading places, shelf space for the library's entire active collection of over six million items, extensive provision for research, a modern conference centre with a large Conference Hall and breakout rooms holding up to 1,000 delegates, an exhibition area and the restaurant Klīversala for up to 250 guests. Via Hansa has engaged in active cooperation with the National Library and we offer guided excursions through the building including a breath-taking view of the River Daugava and the Old Town from the 12th floor. For more information, please contact: riga@viahansa.com


Via Hansa offers to arrange evening events and gala dinners at the National Library of Latvia, including a welcome reception in the spacious lobby or in the reception facilities on the 11th and 12th floors offering stunning 360-degree panoramic views of Riga. This can be followed by a dinner at the Klīversala restaurant whose multifunctional premises can host up to 250 guests for gala dinners and up to 500 guests for standing receptions. The beautiful views of the River Daugava and Riga’s colourful cityscape will be an excellent addition to the restaurant menu, which offers a creative and modern interpretation of traditional Latvian cuisine. For more information, please contact: dmc@viahansa.com