e-News 2/2019      


Via Hansa & Borealis last week convened at the Kick-Off Conference 2019 in Riga with 150+ key staff from various offices. The first year of the merger between the two companies has been highly successful as the merged company achieved a result which was far beyond the combined result of the previous year for the two separate companies. The conference discussed how the merged company can more strongly develop this synergy in the future, how it can use its larger buying power to secure better rates and availabilities, how to develop new products and better co-ordinate sales and marketing efforts. The conference in particular discussed the challenges related to the digitalization of the tourism industry. A very important part of the merger is a total technological renewal of Via Hansa & Borealis, and the company is firmly in the process of implementing a very sophisticated software system that will support the operation, give more connectivity with suppliers and allow customers to book products via www.seagull-online.com and through XML and API solutions.

In a key note address, Mr. Hans-Henrik Kjølby, CEO of Via Hansa Holding Ltd. and Board Member of Borealis Destination Management Ltd., concluded:  If we continue to go forward as one team, if we take  advantage of our diversity and rely on a shared vision, if we continue to develop our creativity, our innovation and our excellence in all what we are doing, if we firmly employ our new digitalized technology in all operations and  if we push our core brand values more, we can make Via Hansa & Borealis to one of the strongest incoming brands in Europe!”.


Via Hansa recently celebrated its 25th anniversary throwing a grand party in Riga. The invited guests enjoyed a festive reception and a special ballet performance, Juris Karlsson’s ANTONIJA#SILMACI, at the Latvian National Opera and Ballet, after which the party continued at Rooftop Restaurant & Bar Stage 22 at the Grand Hotel Kempinski Riga. Via Hansa has been on an amazing journey from its launch on March 29th 1994 as a small Latvian operator to a big international company with many brands and activities as well as its own hotel division, trading all over the world and solidly in the process of adjusting to the digitalization of the tourism industry. A very diverse mix of Via Hansa & Borealis staff, customers from around the world and local hoteliers enjoyed the fabulous party and amused themselves well into the wee hours.


While Riga is known for its medieval Old Town and impressive Art Nouveau district, a completely new Riga has emerged outside the city centre during the last 25 years. Via Hansa & Borealis showed this recently to a group of owners, directors and product mangers of large international companies on a special sightseeing tour. The tour included a visit to the hip Kalnciema Quarter with its golden age wooden architecture and lively Farmers’ and Artisans’ Market, followed by a visit to the ‘Castle of Light’, the new National Library of Latvia, with a guided tour of this impressive building and champagne and canapés on the panoramic top floor, and finally ending with a visit to the Riga Motor Museum with its unique collection of soviet limousines from the Kremlin Garage. Guests who had already previously visited Riga enjoyed these new aspects of the city and left with many ideas about how to offer more contemporary programs for their guests in the future. For more information, please contact Via Hansa & Borealis Riga.