e-News 03/2022      


The tragic events unfolding in Ukraine over the last three weeks have understandably made some guests rethink their holiday plans for 2022. Via Hansa & Borealis has seen massive cancellations of tours to Russia from around the world, while most customers for the time being are keeping on to their bookings in the Baltic and Nordic countries. Hans Henrik Kjølby, CEO, Via Hansa & Borealis, explains: “We have received many worried mails these last weeks about the situation in the Nordic and Baltic countries. While we strongly condemn the Russian invasion of Ukraine, it is important to underline that it is unthinkable, that the same or anything similar would happen here. We truly understand that many are worried, but the Nordic and Baltic countries are relying on their integration into the political, economic and military structures of Europe. Authorities are taking further needed precautions to secure borders, boost defense capabilities, enhance co-operation and guarantee safety. The safety for visitors in the Nordic and Baltic countries has not and will not deteriorate as a result of the tragic events in Ukraine. At the same time the numbers of covid-19 cases are decreasing across the region and restrictions are being loosened”.


Estonia hosted the Biathlon World Cup March 6th – 13th in its “winter capital” of Otepää in Southeast Estonia, gathering the world's best biathletes and lots of fans. It is the first time Estonia has hosted the popular Biathlon World Cup - and according to the organizers, the sport teams and the fans, it has been a huge success. The happy and cheerful public gave strong motivation to the athletes. Via Hansa & Borealis was the exclusive partner for the Biathlon World Cup in Estonia, providing the full-service accommodation packages for the international fans, who arrived from many different countries. For more information, please contact: kylli.karing@viahansaborealis.com


The Aurora skies have gifted many guests with their natural wonder and most of our guests traveling through Arctic Finland, Sweden, Norway and Iceland are seeing the natural phenomenon more often than ever. This week a large group of eighty happy Spanish travelers are enjoying the wonders of Finnish Lapland and were greeted with a shining sky, full of Northern lights of every colour. With the easing of restrictions and border control across the Nordic Countries, we are happy to see solid interest from  European and overseas markets, and we are welcoming back many travelers from Europe, North and South America, Far East,  Australia etc. in the North. For more information, please contact: stelios.lund@viahansaborealis.com